You Must Be Around- 80 Poems On Love, Life And Longing (Publ. 2016)

This book is divided into three sections. The first one, ‘Love’ describes the ideas about love, feelings and other related aspects. The second one, ‘Life’ is a bit philosophical and deals with topics such as death, rebirth and karma as these resonate closely with my culture and beliefs. There are some poems on Nature too. The third one is ‘Longing’ and revolves around heart-breaks and pain and also includes one poem about domestic violence. 

This title is available in paperback as well as E-book format. E-copy can be purchased from E-book stores like Kobo, Apple iBooks, Inktera and Amazon Kindle Store. The paperback is available on Amazon India 
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Swati's Marriage and Other Tales of India (Publ. 2016)

By Modern History Press, USA

In India, the life of women has never been easy by any stretch of the imagination. 'Swati's Marriage and Other Tales of India' brings their eternal struggles to a new audience by engaging the subject head-on through the eyes of young women in the 21st century. Western audiences may have assumed that such considerations as dowries, arranged marriage, and abuse of spouses, servants, and the elderly would be tempered in the age of social media.
"Fans of Masterpiece's Indian Summer and the stories of Ruskin Bond will welcome this female perspective on modern-day Indian life. These short stories are full of epiphanies and restrictions that remind one of James Joyce and Katherine Mansfield's work and show how little the human experience changes, despite cultural differences." -- Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D. and award-winning author of Narrow Lives and The Best Place
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The Wedding Trousseau and Other Short Stories (Publ. 2015)

'The Wedding Trousseau and Other Short Stories' is a collection of 11 tales inspired from various shades and areas of life. It is available at Flipkart and Amazon India
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